Jan 28, 2010

Survey Says: (in progress)

To better understand the qualities and vision of my company I have tried to answer these questions based on the research I have gathered thus far.

1. What do you offer? Define the qualities of this.
An accessible & vast array of movies spanning many genres and time periods, a majority of which are not normally found at most mainstream video rental stores, & are offered at competitive prices.

2.What are the core values of what you offer? What are the core values of your company?
To offer excellent selection, great service, and a comfortable environment for customers with wide-ranging tastes and movie knowledge.

3.What is your mission?
To be Atlanta's premier stop for video rentals, including an abundance of obscure, hard-to-find titles along with popular, mainstream ones.

4. Any Specializations within your company?
Offering many genres and titles which cannot be as easily found at other rental or retail stores. Among these genres are foreign (French, German, Japanese, Russian, etc.), cult, experimental, documentary, gay/lesbian, even children's.

5. Target audience market?
From casual movie viewers to hardcore movie buffs. Local, neighborhood market with walk-thru traffic. Family-friendly, with a selection of children's titles. Anyone who is interested in alternatives to the mainstream movie culture.

6. Existing tagline or slogan? What message is it sending?
"Atlanta's Exceptional Video Store"
Obviously claiming excellence over other video stores in Atlanta.
Exceptional meaning "far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree."
Syn. Extraordinary, Remarkable.

7. From the answers you've gathered so far, what is a personality/character that could represent you? (Celebrity, car, etc.)

What qualities about this character stand out? Is the personality innovative, creative, energetic, or sophisticated?

8. How does this personality interact with your target audience? Which qualities get the attention of your audience?

9. Review your answers, create a profile, describe the personality with words just as if you were writing a personal ad. be creative.

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