Nov 13, 2009

Project 5: Product Packaging

This is our last project. Exciting! I love creating 3-D mock-ups, even though they can be a huge headache. With this project we have a lot of free-reign, but that also makes the decision-making process a little harder. The basis of this project is to use image and type effectively to re-design an existing product package. Here are a few options I was looking at:

Crayola Crayons

Spangler Candy Canes


Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Bayer Aspirin

The possibilities are endless! Hopefully I'll decide on something this weekend!

Nov 10, 2009

Project 4: Event poster

So with only a week to work on this project and turn it in, I didn't have much time to post progress or inspiration, but this is the final version I came up with:

poster-2 smallRGB

Shonen Knife is a 3-piece Japanese girl pop-punk band. I wanted to do something fun and colorful that would reflect the spirit of the band, hence the candy-colored bubbles/marbles/sprinkles. The weird bird skeleton in the background is just something bizarre I decided to add. I intended to use something kind of "off," as that seems to be the current aesthetic for band posters, at least ones for local/smaller shows. I also added "Shonen Knife" in the background, written in katakana.

This is a previous version of this poster that I also came up with, but decided not to use:

poster-1 smallRGB

For this one, I wanted it to look like a bunch of post-it notes or bits of paper posted up on a board/wall. This is an actual photo I set up, and I decided to go with the photo on the right in homage to Shonen Knife, being comprised of 3 girls. :)