Jan 28, 2010

Some Extra Info

I found an article on Forbes.com on the subject of independent video rental stores and their success in an evolving, ever-more-digital era and devolving economy. It talks about how these businesses have carved out a niche for themselves and also used alternative techniques, such as also offering pizza within their stores or a rental "points" system, to differentiate themselves from large chain competitors. It shows that in the wake of store closings amongst larger chain movie rental stores, independent stores have actually thrived and picked up more business in response.

The website for Video Rodeo (an indie movie rental store in Gainesville, FL) serves as an inspiration, most especially in their advertising archive. It's mostly text-based, but eye-catching and humorous.

Also, a very short article from 2002 I found on Creative Loafing's website:
It's facing competition from young upstart stores, but MOVIES WORTH SEEING, with nearly 9,000 titles, remains Atlanta's finest source of cult classics, art flicks, schlock oddities and the kind of foreign titles that your neighborhood Blockbuster has never heard of. The store's organization makes it truly a place for those with celluloid in their blood, as it groups films by director, genre, country of origin and "upgrades," conveniently collecting restored or refurbished editions in one place.

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