Jan 30, 2011

Infographic & Layout

Infographics are definitely not my strong suit, but I'm slowly improving upon those skills. Here is what I have so far on the for the layout in Liz's class:

It's not very flashy to look at, but as I said, I'm still trying to get better at the whole "making pictures out of numbers" thing.

EDIT 2/1:

This is the newest version of the layout & graph:

Jan 22, 2011

More Posters in Progress

I tried making the background of the first poster a bit more subtle, and took off the transparency effect of the blood.

This is another poster idea I had for Walking Dead. I think the message here is pretty straightforward. The series takes place in Atlanta, which has been overrun with the walking carcasses of zombified humans. The flies here are doing what flies tend to do--hang around death & decay. I accentuated the ominous red background with some screened-back blood "rain."

EDIT 1/23:

These are the two "critique-worthy" versions of the posters:

Walking Dead Poster Design Progress

My initial idea for a Walking Dead poster was to include a sheriff badge with Rick Grimes' name on it and maybe some blood splatters. This is what I have so far, but I don't know if it looks really 2D like Stan had shown us. I blame the background and the transparency of the foreground...

The premise for this is that Rick Grimes was a small-town sheriff in his "former" life and now that the zombie apocalypse has struck, the life he knew is now gone forever. This design shows Rick's sheriff badge (possibly pinned on his uniform) splattered with an unusual amount of blood for a police officer to normally encounter in his line of duty. This may refer to Rick's getting shot in the first episode, or to the ensuing zombie attacks he would face after waking up from his coma.