Feb 26, 2011

Spring break!

Kickin' the break off right with a tasty & well-designed bottle of cab. ;)

Feb 23, 2011

MODA Video Snippet

This is a really short preview of something I animated (after much frustration in after effects and trying to get it to do something too complicated, apparently) in flash for our MODA project. Joe (the client) seemed to like our concept and the work we have so far. It looks like we're finally on track to hopefully get this finished up pretty soon.

Feb 22, 2011

Lines, lines, lines

For the MODA "Passione Italiana" project, my partner and I are utilizing line drawings & schematic diagrams of motorcycles and animating those lines in various ways. I wanted to share a small preview of the things we're working on. This is an engine schematic that I'm in the process of tracing in illustrator:

It's a bit tedious, but I'm positive that the final product will turn out well.

Feb 21, 2011

Aerosol Amoeba

I came across another awesome video by this guy on vimeo, but I wanted to share this one in particular. It's simple and beautiful. :)


Feb 16, 2011

FPO: For Print Only

I found this site a while back that is an awesome resource for those working in print. It showcases various client-based print projects and gives the run-down on all the specs for each project such as paper stocks used, fonts, budget, inks, print methods, "special effects," and more. Check it out!

FPO: For Print Only

Carbon Emissions Infographic

How much CO2 does an orange emit?
GE's Data Visualization Blog

Feb 10, 2011

1910's Poster Design (In Progress)

For Paige's decade research project we are also designing posters to fit the style of our decades. Mine is 1910-1920, so I wanted to go with the very painterly/rough plakatstil (poster-style) look. It just so happens that the Titanic sank in 1912, so I decided to do a travel poster--taking place before the fact, of course.

EDIT 2/14:

Tweaked it a little bit, but I'm still not feeling the typography 100%

EDIT 2/15:

I think I found a winner. :)

These are some images I am using for inspiration:

Religion? There's an app for that.

Catholic Church Approves iOS Confession App

Feb 2, 2011

Climate Direct Mailer: Research

These are some links I found regarding weather/climate change, in connection with our next project:

EPA website on climate change

MSNBC article: "Despite East Coast freeze, global warming is for real"

I also wanted to do a little research into the natural changes that the planet Earth has gone through over time, and it seems that over the supposed millions (or billions?) of years that the Earth has existed it has seen several diverse, and often catastrophic, changes in climate/atmosphere. So could it be that humans, being of this earth for only a short span, are unfamiliar with these "drastic" changes in the climate and see it as a cause for alarm, when all along it is a natural step in Earth's progression? Yes, we are emitting toxic fumes & chemicals that cause harm to the immediate environment and maybe this is also accelerating the changes we are seeing, but I think it's all inevitable in the end. I was reading through the geological time scale on this website, and one thing that struck me as peculiar is that in the Archean eon, "The reducing (anaerobic) atmosphere enabled archea (anaerobic microbes) to develop...During this era, one type of organism, the Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) produced oxygen as a metabolic by-product; the eventual build-up of this highly reactive gas was to eventually prove fatal to many life-forms, and converted the atmosphere from." This sounds strangely similar to what is going on now, although I realize the byproducts we are creating aren't necessarily occurring naturally. Somehow I still see a connection there.

Maybe I'm getting too theoretical about this. :P I don't know all that much about the topic, but this is my initial take on the whole thing.

Coffee Doodle Do

Upon finding myself low on coffee reserves, I made a coffee run tonight to Joe's in East Atlanta and purchased their "El Diablo" dark roast. After bringing it home I wanted to label it, but of course I had to take it a little further. Thought I would share my doodle... :)