Oct 21, 2009

Project 3 Progress

For the cover of my book design I definitely wanted to incorporate Pearls in some way, as Hester's daughter in the novel is named Pearl. So far I hadn't seen any other covers that used Pearls in their approach. I set about buying some supplies with which to compose a few photographs (a few turned into like 200!). Here are some sample results:





As for the back cover, I'm thinking of scanning in the lace texture and incorporating it in some way, just to add some interest rather than leaving it completely solid.

Oct 12, 2009

Example Book Covers for Project 3

These are some books covers I found for The Scarlet Letter, which I have chosen to re-design for this next project. I found these to be the most interesting since they attempt to be a little more innovative in their approach

Oct 9, 2009

Project 2 Final Advertisements

I decided to go with Converse Shoes for my company, as I thought it would lend itself well to a wide range of interpretation. Not quite knowing what I was planning yet, I scanned in a bunch of random images from magazines, one being a tap to a faucet that I became fond of. I decided to use the tap in my advertisements, and I also happened to scan in a photo of a hand which worked very nicely as well. The shoe images and the photo of the guy wearing Chucks were found online. The logo and tagline were downloaded from Brands of the World. As the ads started coming together, they became a reflection of the Converse brand: versatile, bold, simple.

3x10three copy     5x5three copy

converse2 copy