Aug 30, 2011

Awareness Ads

These first two are my bed bug ads. My favorite is the second one.

This is my ad for the Hispanic Parental Engagement campaign called "Your Words Today," which is an effort to raise awareness among Hispanic parents about the critically important role they play in encouraging their children to go to college. The top line reads, "Professional careers aren't built here." The bottom two lines say, "Be a part of your child's education. Their tomorrow depends on your words today."

Aug 27, 2011

Self-Promo Ads

Good Advertising

I always loved the Absolut Vodka campaigns. It's everywhere and everything.

(Lots more here:

While researching for the bed bug PSA ad, I came across some well-done pest control ads.

I'm not sure what the message is with this one, but sex sells, even when it's a couple of icky bugs!

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