Sep 23, 2010

Inspirational Artists

I am a fan of webcomics, and one of my favorite things about following many different ones is to observe different art styles and watch the artists' styles change over time. Some of my very favorites are:

Octopus Pie is a quirky comic based in NYC.

Questionable Content

Wapsi Square

Jess Fink is a webcomic artist and illustrator. Her watercolor work is pretty great. Her comics tend to be more on the...risque side though. :P

Some oldschool artists that I forever admire are

Roy Lichtenstein:

(Van Gogh a la Lichtenstein :P)

Mark Rothko's abstract & emotional works:

As well I am very influenced by graffiti and cartoonish/graphic character design. I met this artist the other day at the East Atlanta Strut and fell in love with his characters:

Red Rocket Farm by Jason Thomas

Zipits Zipper Pulls - These are adorable and they are design that you can take with you anywhere!

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