Sep 23, 2010

Flash E-Greeting Ideas

Fortune Teller E-Card
There's a fortune teller's "storefront" on my walk to school, which inspired me to want to use a fortune teller theme in one of my designs. I thought this was a cool e-card, but I don't think I will do a fortune teller for this project.

Valentine Card Creator

I really liked the art style for this one: Halloween Matching Game

Halloween Pumpkin Maker

I'm more drawn to e-cards that let you get creative and make something of your own. I think I want to make a Dia de los Muertos e-greeting where the recipient can decorate their own sugar skull. :) I couldn't find one like it on the web so far, but I did find a few Dia de los Muertos greetings on Blue Mountain. I especially liked this one & I thought this one was cute as well.

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