Sep 1, 2010

EatingWell Magazine Re-design : Creative Brief

From their website:

EatingWell Magazine is a tool designed to guide people passionate about eating more healthfully and joyfully in times when nutrition guidelines are ever-changing and when food is at the center of society-wide controversy and health concerns.

EatingWell has a 20-year reputation for delivering cutting-edge, authoritative, science-based nutrition articles and delicious recipes that represent a fusion of good taste and good health.

Our Mission

The EatingWell mission is to provide the inspiration and information people need to make healthy eating a way of life. We accomplish this in four ways:

* We deliver delicious, easy recipes that meet stringent guidelines for taste, nutrition and dependability, recipes easily replicated by home cooks.

* We report on the latest news on nutrition and health, providing practical, science-based answers consumers are looking for.

* We examine the connections between food, its origins and its impact on communities.

* We encourage people to make informed, mindful decisions about how they eat and to celebrate the joys of food.

Research & Goals for Re-designing EatingWell Magazine

EatingWell seems predominantly geared toward an audience consisting of mature women and women with families. I want to reposition EatingWell to appeal to a wider range of consumers (younger people aged 20s-30s, men, single dads...) by re-vamping the layout design, masthead, and content, as well as making the connection between digital and print content more apparent and accessible.

EatingWell Magazine is 8.5x11" (letter) in size, about 90 pages, full color and saddle-stitched. The layout mostly consists of 2 standard grids: half-page vertical and 3-column. I aim to break up the static rigidity of this grid system and incorporate more fluidity by using more graphics within the layouts and innovative type treatments. Most all pages with main copy text view as black type on white backgrounds, which I intend to refresh by utilizing different color scheme(s). As a whole it is very type- and photo-heavy in its design and requires a more spacious layout to give the reader's eye a break every few pages. As well I propose to incorporate more illustrations and abstract graphics to balance the heavy use of photography.

Content-wise, EatingWell focuses on recipes pertaining to different lifestyles and how various foods can affect one's health. My goal is to add content that appeals to younger, more diverse readers. One article concept is "Eating Healthy on the Road" and would relate to touring bands and how to stay healthy while road-tripping. EatingWell has an abundant online resource and backlog of articles and recipes, which needs to be made more apparent to its readers. has a user account area which allows users to bookmark recipes & also has a menu planner feature which calculates your daily calories, fat, carbs & sodium, creates shopping lists, and has a BMI calculator, calorie & weight tracker, and journal. This information should be more readily-available to readers in the age of iPhones where most consumers get their information on-the-go.

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