Sep 9, 2010

Good & Bad design

The Bad

If you're going to use a shadow, at least try to make it look real...

Hansen's Cane Soda, a la my previous post.
Thank goodness they changed it!

• While actually searching for "bad graphic design" on Google, I saw a link to this Graphic Design group in New Hope, PA called BadCat Design. I wanted to check it out as I'm considering moving to or near Philly when I'm done here at GSU. Anyway, immediately upon opening their website I was turned off completely. Their logo in itself is horrible, and the site layout says "SNOOZE."

The Good

IZZE sparkling fruit juices. Delicious and eye-catching!

The Coathangers' website is pretty fun, and easy to navigate. I love the colorful, DIY look.

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