Mar 1, 2010

Rise & Shine with the Times; Dots and Lines

I was Fbookin' it and this ad on the right-hand side of the page caught my eye:

Clever, clever. Using abstract (and yet very simple) shapes and colors to communicate the rising of the sun and a shining light in the dark. Also, needless to mention, a black-and-white advertisement is a quintessentially appropriate representation for a newspaper, yes?

When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of a cartoon I loved as a kid called The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics. Anyone else remember it? It was a Chuck Jones masterpiece based on the book by the same name. From all the way back in the 60's, can you believe it? ;)

The Dot and the Line : A Romance in Lower Mathematics


  1. That video was sooo cute! I loved it! :)

  2. excellent find! i can't say i ever saw it when i was a kid. i loved that you shared this!