Mar 23, 2010

Direct Mail Brochure: Beginning Concepts

Our next project is a direct mailer that efficiently grabs the attention of the target audience while furthering our brand's identity. Here I have a few examples of direct mail design that I found inspiring.

I especially liked this design because I could easily incorporate my film strip/reel or clap board design in a similar fashion:

I'm not sure exactly how I would use this design, but I find the shape and the way it folds intriguing. The curves are reminiscent of my logo, but other than that I don't know if it would really fit the overall aesthetic of my brand:

The idea I'm strongly leaning towards right now is a foldout calendar/rental log. My inspiration comes from a large foldout calendar I received in the mail early this year from Shoehorn Design. It was actually addressed to the previous tenant of my apartment, but it found a good home with me nonetheless. :) The folded size is 9x13" and unfolded it comes out to 26x36". It's versatile in how the user prefers to display it as well. Depending on how you fold it, there are four 3-month sections or two 6-month sections, and each 3-month section has a visual theme.

Front & Back, folded
DSCF4553 copy
DSCF4554 copy

Two 6-month sections
DSCF4557 copy
DSCF4561 copy

Four 3-month sections
DSCF4578 copy
DSCF4580 copy
DSCF4577 copy
DSCF4575 copy

I love that it's a promotional item that exemplifies the work of the company while also serving a useful purpose. I'll definitely be keeping it on my wall throughout the year, and afterward!

DSCF4593 copy

If I use this as a template, I think I would dedicate one whole side to the calendar portion and the other side to the information portion. Or maybe make either the top or bottom section a kind of tear-off part with coupons, etc. on it. I could also incorporate movie/actors' quotes and/or photos of said actors and movie images. The calendar portion will have places for the user to write in information such as what movies he/she has rented and rental return dates, or whatever else they wish. :)

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