Mar 7, 2010

Practice Photos for Stationery Project Board

I got some mail from my credit card company the other day and actually took a minute to inspect it (ha). I noticed that the liner of the envelope has a pattern that adds a nice, subtle bit of interest in contrast to the plain white of everything else. The pattern is of various objects like cars, purses, mp3 players, etc. relating to the subject matter, which is a points/rewards system that Citi does called the "Thank You Network." I was then inspired to take a few practice photos of the letterhead and envelope to get a feel for what I'll be doing for my project board...

Had to 'shop my address out of the photo, which is why it looks kind of strange/blurry in this last photo. I am proud of myself for this quickly-shot & assembled set of photos. All I had to work with were a table-top lamp, a shoddy wooden table, and my handy-dandy digital cam. These were taken at night as well, which is important to note because my living space has very large windows that let in a lot of light, depending on the weather/time of day.

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