Nov 28, 2010

Typography Calendar

So the idea I'm working with for the calendar is a 13-month seasonal produce calendar for the Southeast U.S. that informs the user of what produce is in season for each month. My first idea was to use the names of the fruits & veggies in different type arrangements with the dates for each month being on a separate page, so it would be a 2-page vertical spread suitable for a wall calendar:

After doing a few months' layouts, I was afraid that this would get too repetitive/boring. So then I tried a more illustrative approach, which would end up making each month a single-page layout:

I'm unsure of what might work better. Any suggestions?


  1. What fun! :)

    I can see where it could be repetitive with the first concept. However, I think both ideas are strong. If you do go with the second one, I would definitely suggest having the months constructed with different typefaces made out of the words for the specific month. So seeing you have January done, have a different look for February type wise. But I like the colors you're using the fonts for each month so far, so keep it up Christine! :)

  2. Cool idea! I, like Tres, like the second version. I like the shopping list idea. You could make one for each week or something, and perforate them so they can tear off. Or just have a shopping list "pad" attached to it somehow that stays in place as you go from month to month.

    Good work!

  3. Always great to see you thinking out loud on the page as you post your work. It's a great way to get feedback and always make you creative soul open for more inspiration. Don't ever loose that inquisitiveness about your work. I like both ideas that you have posted...good sense of color and playful....whichever one carries you the longest distance creatively is the way to go. I believe we indeed know the "answer" before we ever ask a "question."