Nov 7, 2010

Each week I feel as though I must check in at/with…

If you don't know by now that I'm a webcomic nerd, then let me reiterate: I am a webcomic nerd. Therefore, I have an ever-growing list of comics that I check in with multiple times a week. My favorites are:

Among others. :)

I also try to check in often with my classmates' blogs throughout the week. As lame as it sounds, I'm always on Facebook too, but besides e-stalking I sometimes come across interesting articles/websites/videos that my friends post on there, and I can share with them the things that I find interesting as well.

I didn't realize it until now, but another place I frequent often is the coffee shop across the street from my job, Joe's in East Atlanta Village. Whenever I go there I usually scan through their massive wall of flyer postings for shows and whatnot. Some of the posters are pretty well designed, others are more bizarre.

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