Dec 7, 2009

A Few Findings During This Project

Apparently Crayola released an anniversary box on the 100th anniversary of the Crayola brand, in 2003. The box was the same shape as the regular ones, but this was a 100-count box with a metallic gold color replacing the regular yellow-gold, and a festive picture of a cake and confetti on the front:

My box is commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Binney & Smith company, while Crayola crayons weren't actually around until 1903. But, since next year is 2010 I wanted to make some sort of anniversary box, and luckily the company was founded in 1885 so it kind of worked out.

I also found this very old tin of Crayolas, though I am unsure of the actual date:

And here is a cool photo of Crayons in the factory XD

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