Sep 2, 2009

Personal Logo Concepts Part Deux

As per instruction, I did a few more pages of sketching and picked these out as the best among them:

I tried to go in a less "scripty" direction. I used as a source of inspiration, most notably the "techno" fonts. Of these, I favor 4, 8, 9 & 13. I would probably never use 11 for myself, but I threw it in there because I thought it was interesting nonetheless. To me, 9 looks like a container of some sort that has opened and ink/paint/etc. is spilling out. It could also be used without the bands of color and I think it would still be effective. I think 8 looks the most "techy" of these because of its streamlined, low-profile look.

I'll bring some of these into illustrator and see how they come out.

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