Aug 27, 2009

Personal Logo Initial Concepts

Finally got around to scanning in my images from the initial sketches for project one. Here are what I think are the best from the first draft:

→ Click me to view!

So 5 & 6 are the way I usually sign my initials, but the only reason I am hesitant to use these in my final logo design is because I don't want to include my full name on everything. For my personal website and such I already only use my first and last name. Using my middle name would be unnecessary. So because of this, I am leaning more towards using something along the lines of 1, 2 or 8.

I want my logo to look organic and hand-rendered. I don't want it to be too geometric or illustrative. I'm all about expressive line and showing the hand of the artist in the work while simultaneously maintaining a sense of orderliness. Although I am also a fan of clean line, I think for a logo representing myself, something with more of a hand-drawn character would work best.

I broke out my tablet and started on some illustrator doodles based on the sketches I made. As you can see, I'm still playing around with using "CMR" as well as just "CR"

→ Click me to view!

I think the first one in the top left corner could be a winner. We'll see. :)

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