Sep 2, 2009

Blessing or Curse?

I forget how I came across this website, but I found it intriguing but also kind of distressing:


So the premise of this site is: free fully-customizable flash websites! Totally awesome, but what does that mean for those of us wanting to concentrate our careers on web design? Flash is definitely the biggest, fastest-growing trend in web design that I've seen, so making it easily accessible to the masses is a logical step. However, it inevitably ends up "cutting out the middle man," so to speak. This is the first website like this that I have come across beside the myriad "myspace flash layout" sites, but those usually afford you less customization. I guess despite everything, there are still those clients and businesses who lack the technological/creative capabilities to do this sort of thing on their own and will still require the help of someone who has said skills.

I created an account and I may test it out if I find some free time to do so. ;)

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