Oct 28, 2010

Wine Label -- Roadblock!

Argh, I need help on this. I'm trying to go for a vintage look, obviously, on the label for my bottle, but not sure if I'm beating a dead horse or if this actually looks ok. Any suggestions?



  1. I like the left one better just because of the circle's touch. I think it will look awesome when finished. when i clicked the picture the bigger version had a cyan blue but the smaller thumbnail has cool blue which i like better.

  2. Yeah, the preview version has the more correct shade of blue that I want. I forgot to convert it to RGB before uploading. The left one is my favorite so far too. For some reason it feels like it still needs something more...

  3. I think the "record label" idea is cool, but I think you could push it more with the type. The font for B Side is not quite doin' it for me. It's Ok. It looks a little too-forced-retro. Check out the label at this website: http://www.ambor.com/public/78rpm/78rpm.html (scroll down, it's green and you have to right click the image and "open image in a new window" to see it big).
    Have you tried printing it, cutting it out, and holding it on your bottle? Keep in mind that circles can appear distorted when wrapped around a bottle.
    Hope this helps some!

  4. I haven't gotten to the point of printing just yet, but thanks for the info/suggestions!