Feb 25, 2010

Stationery Progress

I'm still frantically working on everything, but I figured I really needed to post samples of what I had so far so I could get some feedback in the meantime. The first two images are letterhead examples. The last image is a business card. The background color I'm using is Pantone Warm Gray 9 U, although the colors look a little funky since I uploaded these images as a mixture of CMYK and RGB.

Letterhead screened pattern

Letterhead Strips Logo

Business Card

Like I said, still working on different options, and I hope to post more very soon, including the envelope.

1 comment:

  1. Christine,

    I'm seeing more brown than I am gray in this setup, but I don't think that necessarily a bad thing. Regarldess of which color you use, I think it should be slightly lighter in all of your stationary pieces.

    I like the setup that you have going here, the retro film strips play in with the idea of the store itself, which is great! You should try keeping the blue of the logo. Blue and brown can work very well together, and I think you need something more to add that "pop" to the color palette you've chosen.

    I am eager to see the envelope ideas!