Apr 15, 2010

Specialty Item/Ads: Thoughts

For my specialty item/advertisement I may actually offer two items: a pair of novelty 3-D glasses, and a "genre selector" in the fashion of a game spinner, shaped like a film reel. The reel would have some different genres written in the "holes" and have a spinning arrow in the center. The copy for this ad might say something like "Can't decide? Let us help." or "Favorite genre? You'll find it here." We have to create 2 full-page ads for this project. The main focus is creating a cohesive and interesting ad campaign including the specialty item(s).

These are some ads I've come across so far that I found inspiring:

What better way to keep your priorities in line?

The ugly truth.

Swedish fish: A friend you can eat.

This reminds me of something Banksy would do.

I love the idea of "repurposing" stills from old shows and adding a modern touch.

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