Jan 22, 2011

More Posters in Progress

I tried making the background of the first poster a bit more subtle, and took off the transparency effect of the blood.

This is another poster idea I had for Walking Dead. I think the message here is pretty straightforward. The series takes place in Atlanta, which has been overrun with the walking carcasses of zombified humans. The flies here are doing what flies tend to do--hang around death & decay. I accentuated the ominous red background with some screened-back blood "rain."

EDIT 1/23:

These are the two "critique-worthy" versions of the posters:


  1. I do like the shapes that you're doing right now Christine. My main focus though is that the title "Walking Dead" in the first poster is not getting the main focus. The sheriff's badge is grabbing too much attention, and the size for the title is not helping viewers know what show it is.

    Maybe if the badge is smaller, but still in relevance, and having the title bigger...and maybe above the badge, it'll serve justice in knowing what show it is. Just something to think about, hopefully this will help you to go further in your exploration and discovery. :)

  2. Thanks Tres, I realized that too after obsessing too much about the blood splatters/badge, lol. I have a new version now where the title is much bigger and more attention-grabbing.